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  • The New Humless L-1500 Fuelless Generator Offer

    The L-1500 is all about practicality and endurance. This lightweight, silent and portable Solar rechargeable device can last up to 2,000 to 2500 complete life cycles. Its top-notch functionality and technology can only be compared to its safety.

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The New Humless L-1500 Solar Powerd Fuelless Generator

. Humless-L-1500-Fuelless-Generator-Charging-With-3-Solar-Panels

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This is our Best and most popular Bundle..and the best Value..Having 3 Solar Pales with extended 30 Ft 12 Gage cables to charge your L-1500 gives you maximum charging power in the event of extended power outages.. ew-Bundle-3-new-Three-100-watt-panels copy Above Image NEW Discount Bundle with new 3- 100 watt fold-able Panels - $2,925.00   FREE Shipping in Most of US States Total Value = $3,994.71  Total Savings = $1,069.71